The IEEE Region 10 Student Activities Committee recognizes the importance of communication skills for fresh graduates as throughout their engineering career, they are constantly called upon to communicate ideas to others. The contest offers IEEE student members an opportunity to exercise and improve both verbal communication and presentation skills in a concise manner suitable for wider audience. The contest provides students with invaluable early experience in communicating ideas related to their professional field via electronic media.

The R10 UG Project Video Contest aims to improve the engineering students’ communication and presentation skills to a wider online viewing community, which may include technical and non-technical audience. The contest will facilitate the recognition of these skills and encourage other student members to develop similar skills.

Three best project videos will be selected and ranked first, second and third to qualify for the prizes. There will be one special prize in WIE category for a female participant or a female team.


  1. Open to all IEEE Student Members who currently enrolled or graduated within last six month for degrees in electrical engineering, electronics, computer science or any other field of interest of an IEEE Society.
  2. The contest is open only to IEEE Student Members in Region 10. The project video may be on any engineering subject in the field of interest of IEEE (within the scope of IEEE transactions).
  3. Participants in the contest can be:
    • Individual (must be an active IEEE student member);
    • Team based (at least 50% of the team must be active IEEE student members). Number of team members for is limited to 3. All correspondence will be through the team leader who must be an active IEEE student member
    • To qualify as female team more than 50% team members must be female and they must also be IEEE student members.
  4. Submission can be associated with any course work (project or research) from a recognized educational institute or extra-curricular work undertaken by the student/s
  5. The project must be original
  6. The 3-minute video must be associated with a correctly completed submission form


• A YouTube or Youku link is to be provided for entry. The video must not exceed three minutes. There are no restrictions on how the information is presented and students have the freedom to be creative. A title page is required at the start of the video.
• The submission form must be fully filled and submitted for each video. If a team submits the project then names of all project members with their consent to enter into the contest must be provided.
• The video must NOT contain any offensive material or any copyrighted material.
• The information should be presented in a way that a non-technical audience could understand the technical information about the project.

• Video link. Only youtube or Youku links are accepted. Video must not exceed 3 minutes. youtube or Youku video title should be in English and the format should be in the form of “individual name_university name_Submission Video Title”. The video must NOT contain any offensive material or any copyrighted material.
• Endorsement letter from Section Chair OR Section Student Activities Chair OR Student Branch Counselor OR Head of the Department/School
• Signed copy of the declaration

Please note: If more than 3 submissions are received from any one Student Branch, all submissions will be forwarded to the relevant Student Branch executive committee. It will be the responsibility of the Student Branch committee to select the best three projects based on the assessment criteria given below. Information on the best three projects must be provided to the R10 SAC before the closing date. Failure to short-list three videos by the Student Branch committee will result in a random selection of three videos by R10 Student Activities Coordinator.

Assessment Criteria
Presentation (50%)
— Title Page (Creativity and design)
— Originality in the way the video has been created and information presented
— Suitability to Audience (professionals and non-technicals)
— Clarity and quality of video
— Grammar, spelling, tone, use of voice and choice of words
Subject Matter Evaluation (50%)
— Purpose of the project or research well explained
— Originality of the solution/product/process to meet the stated objectives
— Quality of technical content”
— Factual and technical accuracy

A total of FOUR WINNERS will be chosen. The winners will be awarded with the following cash prizes and E-certificate:
First place: USD 300
Second place: USD 200
Third place: USD 100
WIE Prize: USD 200

If the first, second or third prizewinner is a female student or a female team then in that case the WIE prize will be given to the runner-up in the WIE category.

In order to receive the prize, permission must be granted to the R10 SAC and local Sections to promote and share the winning videos. The winning video should remain on YouTube for at least one year from the date of the announcement of winners.

• Contest open: 27th March 2019
• Submissions Deadline: 5th June 2019
• Winners Notified: September 2019

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