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In an ever-evolving world of technology and innovation, IEEE continues to be a solid platform for students to develop their expertise and acquire the appropriate amount of exposure. There are many active sections and OUs scattered across IEEE Region 10 and with a good student membership hence the numbers are not retained throughout the years. To address this challenge, we are thrilled to announce the IEEE R10 Student Summit 2023, a first-of-its-kind event aimed at revitalizing and transforming these less active student branches into thriving and mainstream entities.

What is Student Summit?

The purpose of the IEEE R10 Student Summit 2023 is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding and exposure and training on IEEE operations and activities and empower them as future leaders. It aims to increase memberships, revitalize inactive student branches through direct communication with sections, and offer the IEEE Student Leadership contest to enhance leadership and project-related skills. By achieving these goals, the summit aims to foster a vibrant community of engaged students and cultivate their potential within IEEE and beyond.