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About SB Activity Reporting

Event reporting is also one of the important activities when it comes to successfully running a Student Branch. The most important reason for this is the Annual rebate of $100/$50 depending on the number of members in your SB given will look into the Events conducted and reported by your Student Branch.  IEEE requires that Student Branches report their activities and maintain a minimum of 10 Student or Graduate Student members. 

Minimum of 4 events must be reported in a year for a Student Branch to be active, else it will be slated as Dormant Student Branch. 

Events are reported on the vTools Event reporting website:

Pictorial Steps:

Step 1: Log into your IEEE Account and visit Select your Organizational Unit – Either using SB Code or SB Name. Once the next Page appears, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Event/Report Administration

Step 2: Click on the File a Report for a Past Event if the Event has already been conducted or choose Schedule a New Event to schedule an event in the vTools system. Later you can come back, complete the report and submit it

Step 3: Choose appropriately and proceed

Step 4: Start filling the details and click on the Next button or you can choose to Save as Draft also as per your convenience. If you are finishing your Event Report in one go, please fill each  section appropriately and click on the Next button to progress to the next section. Submitting a picture of the event is Mandatory (Even a collage of 3 to 4 pics can be uploaded as a single file)

Enter the host OU details and the Location of the Student Branch.

Complete the remaining details and click on Save and Publish to submit your Event Report