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The Region 10 Student Activities Committee takes care of the needs of the student members spread over various student branches in the Asia-Pacific region (R10) of the IEEE. The committee conducts regular and special activities for students to improve technical knowledge, management skills and to enhance networking among members and student branches. The Region 10 SAC website is part of the campaign to enhance networking among the student members, student branches and sections. The website is intended to provide a single platform for all student members to interact, exchange ideas and collaborate in a number of activities being planned and executed for the benefit of student members. The website provides information about all the activities of the Region 10 SAC committee, announcements, projects details, SAC awards, results of competitions, online submission facility for applications and e-alerts for members.



Greetings from IEEE R10 Student Activities Committee !! ✨✨

Get ready for an unforgettable day of fun and learning at the IEEE R10 Student Summit 2023 Plenary Session.

🚀 Join us on Sep 16 at 3pm IST for a jam-packed agenda.



Publishing a good scientific paper

Greetings from IEEE R10 Student Activities Committee !! ✨✨Writing a research paper is an essential component of academic and scientific work. It is an important professional skill that can contribute to the advancement of knowledge, development of critical thinking skills and demonstration of expertise. But how do we write a good scientific paper ? What are some of the key factors to be considered ? What makes your paper stand apart from the rest ? To answer all these questions, on the occassion of IEEE Education week, IEEE R10 Student Activities brings to you a webinar on Topic : “Publishing a good scientific paper”
Speaker : Prof. (Dr.) Subhas Mukhopadhyay, FIEEE (USA), FIEE (UK), FIETE (India), School of Engineering, Macquarie University, NSW.
Date: 2nd of April 2023
Time: 1:30 PM (IST)

Fill out the registration form given below to attend the webinar :

Education week

Education is the key to unlocking our full potential and creating a better world. It helps us to address some of the most pressing issues of our time, from climate change to social injustice, and to develop solutions that benefit all. 

Get ready to celebrate the Education week from 2-8 April 2023 with IEEE R10 Student Activities Committee. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.



Stay Tuned for nominations to open soon!

1.IEEE Region 10 Outstanding Student Branch Award

2.IEEE Region 10 Outstanding Student Volunteer Award


Greetings from IEEE R10 Student Activities Committee !! ✨✨

The call for proposals for the IEEE R10 SAC Membership Development and Leadership Training (MDLT) fund round -1 is now open.

IEEE R10 SAC Membership Development and Leadership Training (MDLT) Fund is created to persuade sections/student branches to organize events for training on leadership, successful execution of student branch programs and to run membership drives, aiming to enhance student membership number and its retention. The Proposals submitted should include a brief overview of the project to be conducted along with the impact of the project. A proposed date, program and expected number of participants should be included in the proposal. Each selected project will be funded a maximum of US$ 400 in accordance with region 10 Matching Fund policy.


Greetings from IEEE R10 Student Activities Committee !! ✨✨

The call for proposals for IEEE R10 SAC Section Student Branch Revival (SSBR) fund Round -1 is now open

IEEE R10 SAC Section Student Branch Revival (SSBR) fund aims to identify dormant student branches in the sections of region 10 and provide them with an excellent opportunity to revive themselves by setting aside sufficient funds for the sections and taking the necessary measures to turn their Student Branch into an actively participating entity. A maximum of 3 quality projects will be selected from each section and the selected projects will be funded with 200$ for each project.