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About Student Branch Programs

For successfully running a Student branch, there must be proper structure in your Student Branch of various sub-committees and planning of activities for the year. Few pointers can be – Slating the major goals to achieve as a Student Branch, identifying activities, and developing the action plans.

You should plan diverse activities throughout the year catering to the Student Branch Members and Institution Students. The events must be streamlined and grab the attention of everyone for increased engagement which ultimately increases the chance of events running successfully and giving the right platform to the members to shine.

Insights of what can be done and important dates in a year:

While planning for any events a few important things to consider are What is the target audience for this event? What are the resources required to pull off the event successfully in terms of financial and volunteering requirements? How can I engage the volunteers and allow them to improve their skills while managing the event?

Sub-committees are very important when it comes to successfully organizing events and activities. Always invite Members to join these committees which will help them get involved and learn new skills and effectively contribute to the planning and execution of the Branch Events.

Few events to organize from your Student branch:

  1. Welcome/Send-Off Events 
  2. Industrial Visits
  3. Technical Talks & Workshops by esteemed Industry Personnel aligned to the recent industry trends and requirements
  4. Ice Breaker Sessions and Informal Meetups
  5. Awareness programs to Non – Members about IEEE
  6. Collaborate with other Student Branches and the Section for organizing large scale events
  7. Fundraisers and Humanitarian Activities