R10 SAC Membership Development and Leadership Training Fund 2022


IEEE R10 SAC Student Branch Membership Development, and Leadership Training (SBMDLT) Fund is created to persuade sections/student branches to organize events for training on leadership, successful execution of student branch program and to run membership drives, aiming to enhance student membership number and its retention. In addition, this fund also aims to assist the revitalization of in-need student branches. Fund shall also be used for events involving at least 2 student branches, one that is currently inactive or under probation and another that is highly active/vibrant. This may give the inactive SB members a chance to understand the processes of successfully conducting events and how to maintain and keep a student branch active in the long run by emulating a highly successful SB. This shall help to improve the overall membership count.

Who Can Submit a Proposal?

The proposal should be submitted by the project lead. The project lead should be the focal volunteer till the completion of the project, who can be any of the following officers:

  • Section Chair
  • Section Student Activities Committee (SAC) Chair
  • Section Student Representative (The proposal must be endorsed by Section Chair or SAC Chair)
  • Student Branch Counsellor (The proposal must be endorsed by Section Chair or SAC Chair)
  • Student Branch Chair (The proposal must be endorsed by Section Chair or SAC Chair)
  • Student Branch Chapter/AG Chair (The proposal must be endorsed by Section Chair or SAC Chair)

Fund Qualification Criteria

Proposals submitted by the sections/student branches must fulfil all the criteria in order to be eligible for the grant. The events could be organized in any format including in-person or virtual mode.

The event must consist of;

  • Membership drive to enhance IEEE Student and Graduate Student Memberships.
  • Briefing on student branch annual plan submission and officer reporting via Vtools.
  • At least one professional development session for students/graduate student members.
  • A townhall session/forum between students and section/student branch committee member(s) to discuss about IEEE student and graduate student member benefits
  • Briefing on the importance of continuing IEEE membership after graduation.
  • Revitalization of student branches that are less active in the past calendar year.

Please note:

** A section is not allowed to obtain funding for more than one project under the “R10 SAC SBMDLT Fund”. 

** The virtual events shall be hosted via any online platform (e.g. Webex, Zoom, Youtube, AirMeet, Google Meet or any platform deemed appropriate). Virtual events should be recorded, and the recorded clips should be provided to R10 SAC upon event completion. In order to receive the funding, permission should be given to R10 SAC to share the recordings in R10 SAC social media and websites. Hence, such permission will need to be obtained from participants prior to the event to avoid any privacy issues.


  • Call for proposals: 01 April 2022
  • Submissions Deadline: 22nd May 2022
  • Winners Notification: 15th June 2022
  • Duration given to organize projects: 16th June – 31st August 2022
  • Deadline for report submissions: Within one month from the date of event completion. Final date to submit all reports is 22nd September 2022.
  • Report evaluation period: 22nd September – 29th September 2022
  • Fund Transfer: Before 15th October 2022

Proposal Judging Criteria

The Proposals submitted should include a brief overview of the project to be conducted along with the impact of the project. A proposed date, program and expected number of participants should be included in the proposal. The proposal format should follow the template provided. Please download the proposal template form at: https://sac.ieeer10.org/storage/2022/03/Template_R10-SAC-MDLT-FUND-2022.docx

The proposals will be judged according to the following:

  • Nature of the proposed activity and its objectives
  • The quality of the proposed program and its speakers
  • Impact – A description of how the planned activity can benefit student members
  • Metrics to measure its success (Number of students /student branches/participants/ student branch chairs/ student branch counselors)
  • Financial support requested from R10 SAC (Please refer to R10 Matching Fund Policy in the next section)

Each selected project will be funded a maximum of US$ 400 in accordance to Region 10 Matching Fund policy as indicated below.

Policy of Region 10 Matching Fund

  • For Large Section projects, R10 will support 50% of total expenses.
  • For Medium Section projects, R10 will support 75% of total expenses.
  • For Small Section projects, R10 will support 100% of total expenses.

The remaining funds will have to be supported by the section and/or any other source of funding.

Section Classification 

Large Section: 1,501 or more members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year.

Medium Section: 501-1,500 members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year.

mall Section: 500 or fewer members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year.

For example, if the proposed project budget is US$ 600, then in case of a large Section project the R10 contribution would be US$ 300 (50%) and for Medium Section project it will be US$ 400 (maximum limit) and not US$ 450 (75%). Similarly, for a small Section project R10 will fund no more than US$400 (maximum limit) even if the budget is US$ 401.

Reimbursement Claims

Reimbursement claims are only applicable for projects that are selected for funding. A detailed report should be submitted within the specified time period. A brief flow of the event accompanied by pictures must be in the report. The report should include the attended number of participants. The report format should strictly follow the templates provided. The report templates will be provided to all fund recipients during the results notification stage.

The funds will be transferred only upon receiving following items:

  • Activity Report
  • Finance/expense Report
  • All Receipts
  • Event Recordings (only applicable for virtual activities)

Please note that the reimbursement claim reports, and all receipts should be submitted by the volunteer who applied for funding during proposal submission stage.

Proposal Submission

Please download the proposal template form here.

For enquiries please contact: r10sac@ieee.org

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