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About Student Branch Chapter

A Technical Chapter in your Student Branch is the connection between IEEE Members and the resources from 40+ Technical Societies and Councils. Having a Student Branch Chapter has many perks and benefits like peer to peer networking in your technical domain of interest and exclusive resources.

Head over here to find all Technical Chapters: Societies

Getting Started with forming a Student Branch Chapter

There must be an active Student Branch at your school/college, to form a Student Branch Technical Chapter.

The petitioner should be an active Student/Graduate Student Member of the Student Branch and the respective Society and agree to be the Interim Student Branch Technical Chapter Chair until Election for the Technical Chapter Executive Committee.

Endorsements from the current Student Branch Counselor who will endorse on behalf of the Student Branch Executive Committee and from the Student Branch Chapter Advisor, who must be an active IEEE member of Graduate Student Member grade or higher, Faculty Member of the college/institution, and an active member of the Society are required mandatorily.

Endorsers will receive the petition for endorsement once verified by the IEEE Staff.

Signatures of 6 Active IEEE Members (Student/Graduate Student Membership Grade) having Society Membership. Qualified Members receive the petition for signatures once it has been Endorsed.

Approvals from the Region Director, the Region Student Activities Chair, and the Society President for the respective society after the petition has received the endorsements and signatures.

Submit a Petition for forming a Student Branch Chapter here: