The IEEE Region 10 Student Activities Committee recognizes the importance of research and dissemination of the findings for the advancement of science and technology. Researching, writing, and presenting a paper provides a student with invaluable early experience in communicating ideas related to their professional field. The contest offers IEEE Student members an opportunity to exercise and improve both written and verbal communication skills.

The R10 PG Research Paper contest aims to improve the engineering students’ written communication skills and reporting research results to science & technology community. The contest will facilitate the recognition of these skills and encourage other student members to develop technical, written and verbal communication skills.

Three best papers will be selected and ranked first, second and third to qualify for the prizes. There will be a special WIE prize for a female author.

Open to all IEEE Student Members with basic degrees in electrical engineering, electronics, computer science or any other field of interest of an IEEE Society, and are currently enrolled in a postgraduate course at a recognized educational institute.

• The contest is open only to IEEE Student Members in Region 10. The papers may be on any engineering subject in the field of interest of IEEE (within the scope of IEEE transactions).
• The student must be the paper’s first author and principle contributor.
• Number of authors for one paper is limited to 3. All the authors must be students and the first author must be a student member of the IEEE. Supervisors are not allowed to participate in the contest.
• The combined contribution from all other co-authors should be no more than 50%. First author would be required to give an indication of the estimated contributions of co-authors in terms of percentage.
• Papers submitted to this contest should not have been published in any other publication yet. If already published then the paper will be DISQUALIFIED.
• Eligibility to enter the contest MUST BE endorsed by a letter from Section Chair OR Section Student Activities Chair OR Student Branch Counselor OR Head of the Department/School
• Each entry must also submit a signed copy of thedeclaration.

Submissions must follow the standard IEEE Conference Proceedings template available at: . The papers must be limited to a maximum of 6 (typically 5) pages in length. Papers not in the described format are likely to be rejected.

The paper should, moreover, explain the significance of the presented work, provide a well structured, clear and concise presentation of the subject matter including an abstract, introduction, the main body and the conclusion with supporting tables and figures, with adequate references.

Appendices: Detailed mathematical proofs, development of equations, etc. which are subordinate to the main argument in the body of the paper, should be given in the appendices, with reference in the main text.

Additional Documents Required
• Endorsement letter from Section Chair OR Section Student Activities Chair OR Student Branch Counselor OR Head of the Department/School
• Signed copy of the declaration

Assessment Criteria

Written presentation (worth 40%) with following scoring criteria:

Concise, informative abstract
Flow of ideas, integration of literature to support purpose, approach and findings
Adequacy of the conclusion
Compliance with paper format guidelines (IEEE Format)
Clarity and direction in exposition
Grammar, spelling, style, and choice of words
Subject matter (worth 60%) with following scoring criteria:

Originality of ideas, experimental procedures, processes, results or conclusions due mainly to the main author
Originality analysis, interpretation, and restatement of inference based upon work of contributing authors
Quality of technical content
Factual and technical accuracy

A total of FOUR WINNERS will be chosen. The winners will be awarded with the following prize money and an e-certificate
1st place: USD 300
2nd place: USD 200
3rd place: USD 100
WIE Best Paper Award: USD 200

If the first or second prizewinner is a female student then in that case the WIE prize will be given to the runner-up in the WIE category. However, a female student can win both third and WIE prizes provided the total value of combined prizes is not more than the first prize.

In the case of co-authored papers, the prize money shall be divided equally among the student authors who are IEEE members, who will also have his/her name printed in the certificate.

• Contest open: 27th March 2019
• Submissions Deadline: 5th June 2019
• Winners Notification: September 2019

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