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About Membership Development

Membership Development is a key aspect of your Student Branch to constantly improve the number of IEEE Members and ensure future growth. Various IEEE membership development (MD) materials are available to support your recruitment efforts. Materials include membership and program brochures, information sheets, the MD Manual, promotional posters, and limited amounts of giveaways. Click here more details on Membership Development.

Ordering the Membership Development Kit (Materials)

For ordering the MD Kit, the Student Branch Chair will receive the initial login credentials (Marcore Account). The username will usually be the Student branch Code. It is the responsibility of the current Student Branch Chair to pass on the credentials to the new officer.

If you do not have the Marcore Account (Required for ordering the Student Branch MD Kits) credentials reach out to authorized Section Officer or Student Branch leaders, and for newly formed Student Branches please email to

  • Where to order? – Visit and sign in with the Marcore credentials
  • Who can order? – The Membership Development Chair and Student Branch Chair, Section Chair (If no Membership Development Chair). You can order the MD Kit twice per year and For Sections and Student Branches in Region 10, a minimum of 90 days is required before placing a new order
  • When will they arrive? – Usually, it takes up to 4 weeks for your order to arrive. Please be prepared for clearing the customs process which will be initiated by the Shipper. (Government-issued ID Proof and Address Proof)

You can also find electronic versions of these items on the portal where you can download and print for distribution at local events. You can order up to 70 pcs in one MD Kit order. It can include Pens, Posters, Flyers, Postcards, Flag, and many more exciting materials that are available to order.