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IEEE R10 SAC Competition Forum 2022: An Effective Preparation Guide to Win R10 SAC Competitions.

1st & 2nd October 2022

06:30 PM SST

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CLAP’s main goal is to prepare students and graduates for their future careers. IEEE membership transitions from student memberships to that of a young professional will also be promoted. The program was made such that participants will be given insightful tips and a broad overview of available opportunities in the field of industry and academia. Career guidance and training sessions are included for audience engagement throughout CLAP weekend. Participants would get the opportunity to build long lasting networks while forming their strategy to get their dream internship or job successfully in the near future.

CLAP sessions are scheduled to be held on the 1st and 2nd October 2022 from 6.30 P.M Onwards [ Singapore Standard Time, Convert to local time here ] via Zoom. IEEE R10 Young Professionals warmly invites you to participate in this program.

More details of CLAP program and speakers at:

Registrations closes on 18th September 2022

R10 Talk Physics and Engineering of a Piano

Of all of the traditional musical instruments, rigorous scientific and engineering principles have been applied most comprehensively to the modern piano. This presentation will explore some of the main aspects of the design compromises and developments that have been implemented in all commercial piano designs since the late 19th century. The focus will be particularly upon the scientific details of sound production by pianos and how pianos have been engineered to exploit the principles of acoustics, dispelling some common misconceptions along the way. The intended audience is pure and applied scientists and engineers interested in design evolution, and musicians interested in how science and engineering have influenced instrument design. A basic knowledge of physics (frequency, Fourier series basics, tension, stretched strings, impedance, power transmission, elasticity, 1D wave equation) and only a little music theory (names of notes, intervals, basic notes on a stave) will be assumed.