The R10 InfoMap is a consolidated graphical representation of all the major IEEE Organizational Units (Councils, Sections and Student Branches) present, along with all the notable Cross-Sectional/Regional Meets happening across IEEE Region 10. This has been accomplished using the Google Maps application, where the units, events and their corresponding details (location, contact details, website, schedule, etc.) are marked and mapped across a heuristic map of the Asia-Pacific Region. It was conceived by the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Student Activities Committee Outreach Programme as of 13th June, 2017, and can be accessed here.


The primary objective of the R10 InfoMap is to provide both IEEE members, leaders and volunteers with an interactive platform to find, reach and connect with each other over a visual medium. Additionally, the map provides users with an illustration of where each major meet-up or project in the Region is taking place – thereby enabling members to gain a summarized understanding of the opportunities/events available at their disposal throughout the year.