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IEEE R10 SAC Outstanding Volunteer Award


The IEEE Region 10 Student Activities Committee (SAC) Outstanding Volunteer Award is given to an IEEE member of any grade who has been organizing activities and providing impetus to the growth of student involvement for IEEE activities and events. These awards will help improve student member retention, recruit new members, and improve reporting from Student Branches & Sections.


This award aims to recognize the work done by an individual IEEE member to (a) service to members and (b) increase the student membership by conducting activities beneficial to student members.


Only one volunteer will be selected for this award this year.


    • The nominee should be an IEEE member of any grade registered under the particular Section in R10 from where he/she is nominated.
    • The individual should have made substantial contributions to the student activities.
    • The individual should not have received the same award in the past three years.
    • Only ten nominations from each eligible country within Region 10 will be considered to allow for a diverse selection. This will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Nomination Conditions

    • The candidate is working for the Section/Student Branch when he/she is nominated.
    • A member of the R10 SAC committee cannot be a nominee except for Student/ Graduate Student Members.
    • Any IEEE member can nominate a candidate, but self-nomination is NOT permitted.
    • Candidates must have an endorsement by the respective Section Chair for his/her nomination to be considered valid.
    • A candidate who is a student/ graduate student member shall obtain endorsement from the Student Branch Counselor or Section Student Activities Committee Chair.

Basis of Selection

    • Length of service to the Section.
    • Leadership ability and support for the work of other members in the Section.
    • Furthering the work and promoting the objectives of the IEEE and Region 10 in general and of the Section in particular at the Section level.

Selection Committee

The R10 SAC awards selection committee comprises at least three members, two of whom are nominated by the R10 SAC committee and are headed by the latter’s chair. The award selection committee reserves the right to present no award if the committee is not satisfied with the standard or quality of entries received. The decision of the award selection committee, as approved by the R10 Director, is final.

Documents Checklist

    • Completed and endorsed online nomination form.
    • Referee Reports (Optional and should be in the form of a recommendation letter in pdf format)
    • Any supportive documents (Optional and should be in PDF format)

Nomination Submissions

Special Notes:

    • R10 SAC will provide special awards to qualified sections for endorsing their outstanding volunteers.


    • Call for Nominations: 31 March 2024
    • Nomination Deadline: 31 May 2024
    • Evaluation period: 1 June to 31 July 2024
    • Recipient Notified:  By 30 September 2024

Award Instrument

A plaque will be awarded to the selected winner. R10 will sponsor a one-year IEEE Membership fee (basic membership only) for the selected award winner.


The award will be presented to the attending Section Chair or representative at the R10 Annual General Meeting. Section shall then arrange to present the award to the recipient(s) at an appropriate local Section event/ occasion.

Record/ Notification

R10 Student Activities Committee Chair will notify the result of selection by e-mail to individual award recipients. The R10 Awards & Recognition Committee Chair will announce an official result to the Section/ Council Chairs and Secretaries and maintain a record of award recipients on the R10 Website.

Information & Enquiries

    • The R10 Awards Coordinator will issue a call for nominations as per schedule. The call will be emailed to Section and Council Chairs for further distribution to members in their geographic boundaries.
    • Information about the call for nominations will be published in the R10 newsletter if its publication date matches the award schedule.
    • Complete information package about the award will be available through online media such as the R10 SAC website and social media.

Points of Contact for Further Information and Enquiries: