Students and Graduate Student Members of IEEE R10 are invited to participate in the IEEE TENCON 2021 Robot Design Competition. Students can design and develop any robot based on the fight against COVID-19 and show in the presentation video how it works and why people should use it.

TENCON is the prestigious flagship conference of IEEE Region 10. This year TENCON in New Zealand is holding a robot design competition for students in conjunction with the conference. R10 is supporting the competition by offering to pay the registration for 5 best Robot Designs for the fight against COVID-19. Additionally, R10 will also select the two best Robot design videos in the WIE category for up to two female or female student teams participation. All seven selected teams will be endorsed to the IEEE TENCON 2021 Robot Design Competition and R10 will pay the registration fee of $100 NZD for each selected team.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only Student Members and Graduate Student Members are eligible to apply.
  • Participants in the contest can be:
    • Individual (must be an active IEEE student member)
    • Team-based. The number of team members is limited to 3 (must have one active IEEE student member)
  • Submission must be for the Robot design for fight against COVID–19, undertaken by the student/s.
  • The project must be original and must not contain plagiarized material and intellectual property restricted material.
  • The 5-minute video must be associated with a correctly completed submission form. Any submission that is more than 5 minutes will be disqualified.

The video should be in mp4 format, and video should be less than 100MB. Any audio or visual files can be embedded in the presentation videos. The video should be uploaded to YouTube or Youku, and the participants must provide the link to access the uploaded video. The video must not exceed 5 minutes. There are no restrictions on how the information is presented, and students have the freedom to be creative.


The Entry Form must be filled and submitted for each video. If a robot design video is submitted by a team, then names of all team members with their consent to enter into the competition must be provided by signing the declaration section of the Entry Form. Please download the Entry form here.

The duly completed endorsed and declared Entry Form [] should be submitted at
The video should be uploaded to YouTube or Youku, and the links to access the video must be provided in the Entry Form and other entry details. Please download the Entry form [].
The submission must be endorsed by the Section Chair OR Section Student Activities Chair by signing the endorsement section of the Entry Form.
All the project contributors should declare the submission by signing the declaration section of the Entry Form.


The TENCON Robot Design Competition is offering the following prizes for the actual competition on Dec 10, 2021.

  • Gold – US$350 plus certificate
  • Silver – US$250 plus certificate
  • Bronze – US$150 plus certificate
  • Special WIE prize – US$150 plus certificate
  • 4th-5th Technical Awards (certificate).

Please note the competition will be held by TENCON Robot Design Competition Committee and
R10 is only supporting 7 COVID-19 related robot designs by paying their registration charges.
Students are encouraged to participate in the competition directly if their robot design is not related
to COVID-19 by paying NZ$100 as registration fees. For further details about the competition,
please vist TENCON2021 website (
or contact Dr Ho Seok (


  • Contest open: 15 November 2021
  • Submissions Deadline: 28 November 2021
  • Extended Deadlin: 3rd December 2021
  • R10 select 7 entries for the competition: 29 Nov – 4 Dec 2021
  • Online Robot Design Competition: 10 Dec 2021

Queries and Information

  • R10 SAC (